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Market research for electric mobility
Encuesta Nacional Conductores Coche Eléctrico

The first National Survey of Electric Vehicle Users, has had  the support of Iberdrola

The first National Survey of Electric Vehicle Users, with the support of Iberdrola, reveals data that was unknown until now regarding electric mobility in Spain. This exhaustive study offers an accurate portrait of the profile, the main habits, the shopping experience, and the opinions of 1,312 Spanish electric vehicle drivers.

One of the most decisive conclusions that the survey has yielded is the almost total satisfaction of electric vehicle (EV) users with their car, so much so that 99% of those surveyed said they would not buy a combustion engine vehicle again. It is also estimated that each of these EV customers convinces three drivers of conventional vehicles to purchase an electric one. It can then be deduced that these consumers have become true promoters of electric mobility. This and other revealing results were presented on October 7 at Expoelectric, in Barcelona, at the Madrid Summit on October 24 and at Barcelona Tech City on February 13.

The survey was jointly designed by the Electromaps, the leading provider of electric mobility services, along with All Media Consulting, the first communication agency specialized in technology companies. The survey received unprecedented support within the electric mobility user community. In total, 1,312 active drivers answered more than 100 questions in less than 48 hours.

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Iberdrola is the leading company in Spain in the production, distribution, and commercialization of sustainable energy, and recently announced the installation of 200 fast charging points throughout the Spanish territory. Iberdrola’s main objective is that EV users do not have to travel more than 100 kilometers to recharge their vehicle.

The scope was not the only notable result of the study. The online survey had a 70% completion rate, and only 7% of missed responses were not answered. This  great result of participation is found in the representativeness of the sample, with 1,312 cases analyzed out of all EV users in Spain (of which there are less than 30,000 drivers). This is a minority segment within the car market, but with an annual growth of 70%, this market is very proactive in contributing to the improvement and promotion of electric mobility. In fact, respondents took an average of 25 minutes to answer a long and intense questionnaire, while still filling in the questions thoroughly, which confirms the good consumer expectations around the sector.

This is undoubtedly the first study to comprehensively analyze electric mobility users in Spain. In contrast to other reports that cover macroeconomic data, vehicle registration, or sales figures and brand positioning, among other data, here we tried to fully discover the profile, behaviors, and opinions of the drivers themselves, who ultimately experiment with the advantages and disadvantages of the vehicle.

Beyond these numbers, it is worth mentioning the fact that a majority of users completed the entire survey through their mobile phone (almost 800 cases). Those who took the survey on desktop computers were fewer, at 460 cases, but they achieved more reliable results, taking 2 more minutes to respond and increasing the completion rate to 73%, compared to the 66% completion rate for smartphone users.

Electromaps, the leading company in electric mobility services, offers information on more than 50,000 recharging points in Europe on its platform and facilitates access and payment through its mobile application. With more than 30,000 active electric vehicle users on its platform, it is a benchmark in conducting the study.


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