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Miquel Gomez

At At All Media Consulting, a communication agency for smart and green companies, we started a long-term project that will directly involve all technology-based companies in the smart and green economy. Smart and Green: this is our knowledgethat will generate a series of reports that lay the foundations for in-depth understanding around this sector. We will do our best to put this information at the service of society, with research as the cornerstone.

Comunicacion para empresas smart green

At AMC, we have created a model that goes beyond a media agency. Our proposal is more open, based on innovation, added value, and the search for solutions for companies that offersmart and green services. As a communication consultancy, we need to know the market where we operate first-hand; we also need to know the needs, the problems, and how to find success and promotion for these types of projects. For these reasons, we have decided to develop a reference database, a useful knowledge fund where companies can find those winning recipes. With this, we can work to continue our mission of offering communication for smart and green companies. Downloading the reports will be free for the companies that collaborate with explanations detailing their experiences.

What Is Communication For Smart And Green Companies?

The smart and green phenomenon has become an economic sector with a future potential that is difficult to foresee. In a very transversal way, these different companies, most of them newly created, are betting on smart business ideas, services, or products that meet the needs of the 21st century, representing a technological, communicative, and hyper-connected era on a social level. This has a direct influence on communication for smart and green business.

These new projects are called startups, however, there are other projects with an important historical path that also seek the same objective. Both base their strategy on direct contact with their potential clients, explaining to them that these projects offer a solution to make our cities more efficient and respectful toward the environment. Their marketing efforts are focused on reaching those customers and listening to what they have to say so that the communication strategy is used as a basic element to shape their proposals. Marketing is already one of the pillars of the modern economy, not only for sales but also in the adaptation of production or services to new values.

However, an innovation market like this is always accompanied by good amounts of risk. Many new companies go through initial periods of uncertainty before consolidating their business. This has to do with the search for financing, the commitment to new ideas, or the concentration in small and unexplored segments. The lack of knowledge, therefore, is the main enemy of communication for smart and green companies, since they bet on projects with little background or previous references.

This is where AMC can make a statement. By making useful, first-hand knowledge available to these projects, based on close testimonies as a result of real practices, solutions can be found to problems as different as business planning or communication strategy, appearance in networks, the media, and community building.

We started with a round of face-to-face interviews and the launch of an online form form where interested companies can generate their data and explain their experiences. As the project database grows, we will produce new materials, reports, and documents to improve our knowledge of
communication for smart and green companies..

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