– Surveys of electric car drivers
– Community Panel
– Results Analysis PDF
– Graphics and infographics +80 visuals
– Cloud Solution
– Unlimited user access
– Qualified Analyst assistance
– AI-enabled chatbot for dynamic analysis
– Raw data


Frequently Asked Questions

How are respondents recruited?

Recruitment is done through multiple channels, such as associations, driver forums, social networks or mobile applications. This diversity allows for a wide representation of different profiles as well as a quality panel.

When were the surveys conducted?

Thousands of online surveys are conducted annually to compile this report, covering various aspects of the electrical conductor.

How is data quality assured?

Each respondent indicates his or her zip code to geographically locate his or her behavior patterns.

What is the practical use of the EV Chatbot?

Bringing together a vast collection of data going back to 2018, the EV Chatbot engages electric mobility professionals in a highly scalable research process. Through simple chats, it helps researchers understand the entire landscape of the electric vehicle industry, helping them make better decisions for their clients. The Chatbot is customizable and regularly updated to ensure the best experience.