The automotive sector is one of the main lines of business of the Italian insurer, which has a 4.8% share in the insurance market, in terms of coverage for cars in Spain. To improve their offer among electric vehicle drivers, they hired the National Survey of Electric Vehicle Drivers conducted by All Media Consulting.

About Reale Seguros

Reale Seguros is an Italian insurance company part of Reale Group, founded in 1.828, with operations in Italy, Spain and Chile. Currently it protects 5 million people and has 4,500 million euros in premium income in 2017. It was founded in Turin in 1828 and is one of the leading companies in the European insurance sector and the largest Italian insurer.

Hired services

Access to data on patterns of 1312 electric vehicle (EV) drivers
Custom analysis of crossed data based on the survey conducted with 1312 EV drivers
Consulting on the identification of trends in the recharging habits of EV drivers