Knowledge of your target market is crucial when starting any commercial operation. With intention to explore the Mexican market and strengthen commercial relations, we alligned with JACOM Group, manufacturers of steel hardware. This is how we had conducted a market study of the steel manufacturers sector in Mexico.



JACOM Wires Mesh is a steel manufacturing company, with production in China and distribution in Latin America, the United States, and Spain. Born in the 70s, they are distinguished for their purchasing management services, inspection and monitoring, and customer support.

They are currently exploring the market in Mexico y Spain to be able to generate new activity in these countries. For this, they need to start a market study that gathers the most precise characteristics of potential customers, and in turn suppliers and distributors of steel.


Consultancy in target market study: Sampling and research techniques
Sample design and consolidation of contact database
Elaboration of the questionnaire and telephone interviews with followups
Report of results with statistical analysis

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